Star Wars: The Force Awakens

“Torn Apart”: Thoughts on The Force Awakens and the Myth of Star Wars We live in a post-Star Wars world. No, we don’t spend our days scavenging through the debris of Star Destroyers and X-Wings like the protagonist of the seventh and newest installment, J.J. Abrams’ The Force Awakens. But is it really that… Read Article


To Have A Crush On A Fictional Person

In an informal poll I conducted among my students late last year, every high school junior I teach claimed to have had a crush on a fictional person. The question both was and was not a trick. In truth, a crush is always a fictional person. While crush is a neologism and not a philosophically… Read Article


Captain America: Civil War (PG-13)

This is the zenith of Marvel’s storytelling method. Over the past eight years – a time period winkingly referred to in the film – the studio has built an intricately interconnected “cinematic universe” through thirteen feature films. This model has drawbacks and benefits, both of which I discuss at length in… Read Review


The Witch (R)

Long time readers of this website will have no problem predicting where a review of this film was apt to begin. “Let us not neglect meeting together…” as St. Paul teaches. “…ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is…” as the blessed Jeremiah teaches. Either of these verses ought to do for… Read Review


Talking Children’s Movies With Dr. Steve Turley

In speaking with many parents about the kind of movies their children watch, I’ve found that one of their chief concerns is “objectionable content.” For younger children, “objectionable content” means toilet humor, cursing, disrespect shown to parents. For older children, “objectionable content” means… Read Article

About FilmFisher

FilmFisher is a movie review site by students and for students. Films are reviewed for artistic excellence, cinematography, writing, acting, plot and the ways films succeed or fail at cultivating humanity and shape those living as Christians. In short, films are evaluated for their truth, goodness and beauty, or lack thereof… Read On

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