Star Wars: An Explication – Part 2

Episode II: Attack of the Clones “Everything of psychic origin has a double face. One face looks forward, the other back… A voice says, ‘But you are still a child.’” – C.G. Jung Part I: Clouded Visions If Star Wars is about finding balance between the appetites and the intellect, and the best Star… Read Article

Star Wars: An Explication – Part 1

Introduction I love Star Wars – perhaps too much. This is no secret, as my previous writings on the subject would attest, and I can make no pretensions to being an objective observer here. The Phantom Menace, George Lucas’ first prequel to his classic trilogy, was met with a decidedly mixed response when it… Read Article


Jackie (R)

The aftermath of the assassination of John F. Kennedy is shown twice in Pablo Larraín’s Jackie. The first time the camera glides along behind the motorcade before swooping stylishly overhead to offer a brief, obscured glimpse at the President’s dead body slumped over in his wife’s lap. Then it is over. The… Read Review


Snowden: Propaganda and the Mundane Beasts It Makes (R)

Oliver Stone is one of the few directors whose auteurism is his ideology. While he has hit a few correct notes (mostly in the Adagio for Strings sequences of Platoon) there is very little about his directorial style—no signature montages or lengthy tracking shots—that say “Oliver Stone” the way that his… Read Review


Doctor Strange (PG-13)

Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange is the latest installment in the rapidly expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, a collection of interconnected superhero movies that, to many viewers, are starting to feel like indistinguishable products. Doctor Strange sidesteps and invites that complaint in interesting ways. The… Read Review

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