Undefended: Oscar Picks

Nominations for the Academy Awards were recently announced. This week, a handful of FilmFisher regulars wrote in their own picks for some of the top awards given out at the Oscars. Brian Murnion: Best Picture: Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) Best Original Screenplay: Leviathan Best Director: Alejandro… Read Article


American Sniper: The Shot Heard Round the World (R)

When it comes to making heroes from rogues and outcasts, Americans (and Texans in particular) are incredible alchemists. William Travis was a debtor, Jim Bowie a slaver and James Bonham a convict, but that is not what any of them are remembered for. And, despite their faults, the world has found incredible use for… Read Review

Red Hook Summer

Red Hook Summer (R)

“We live in a world of should-not-be.” Spike Lee’s Red Hook Summer (2012) is the story of Silas “Flik” Royale, a thirteen-year-old African-American boy from Atlanta who is sent to live with his “old school” preacher grandfather Bishop Enoch in the Brooklyn projects for the summer. Although we don’t… Read Review


The Imitation Game (PG-13)

One of the forte subjects of the famous French philosopher Rene Girard is mimetic desire – that is, mankind as a species adept at imitation. In fact, imitation is our chief means to learning. But when imitating, humans also imitate other’s desires, which conclusively leads to desiring the same things. Girard… Read Review


Undefended: Best Dance Scenes And Dance Sequences

This week, top five dance sequences. As per usual, writers were asked not to repeat previous entries. Remy Wilkins 1. Paul Rudd doing what he do in I Could Never Be Your Woman 2. Clown Dance in All the Real Girls 3. Forest Dance by Andy Samberg in Hot Rod 4. Dancing Outtakes of Sam… Read Article


Where the Wild Things Are: Put Off All Your Beast (PG)

“Inside all of us is a Wild Thing,” goes the tagline to Spike Jonze’s 2009 film Where the Wild Things Are, based on the popular children’s book by Maurice Sendak and Max is the wildest of the wild, son and younger brother in a broken family. Jonze with co-adapter Dave Eggers craft a touching film… Read Review

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