Undefended: The Five Greatest Movie Montages

This week, the five greatest movie montages of all time. Timothy Lawrence 1. The baptism montage in “The Godfather” 2. The opening scene of “Apocalypse Now” 3. The married life montage in “Up” 4. The ending of “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” 5. Gordon’s ending… Read Article


Calvary (R)

Collective guilt might be unjust, but sometimes it is inevitable. That, at least, is one of the conclusions to be drawn from Calvary, John Michael McDonagh's drama about the clerical abuse scandal which, ironically, does not feature a single frocked predator. This is because Calvary is not about the bad priests who… Read Review


Braveheart (R)

When Steven Spielberg brought audiences Jaws in 1974, the ripples carried through decades of film. It is a defining point in the development of the world of movies. The term “blockbuster” was coined; gore on the screen was pushed to new levels; a fear of sharks settled deep in the bones of Americans. As… Read Review


Undefended: Five Greatest Shakespearean Non-Shakespeare Films

At the beginning of the week, editor Joshua Gibbs sent out this prompt to FilmFisher writers: This week, five films which embody the Shakespearean ethos and spirit, but weren’t inspired by or adapted from originally Shakespearean material. After clarification was requested, he posted this: I often hear this or… Read Article


Undefended: The Five Greatest Dream Sequences.

This week, writers made lists of the five greatest dream sequences in motion picture history. Here is what they returned: Joshua Gibbs 1. The judgment of Papillon in Papillon 2. Ariadne’s instruction in Inception 3. Briony’s novel in Atonement 4. Rob responds to Ray in a variety of ways in High Fidelity… Read Article


The Fault In Our Stars (PG-13)

The memento mori (“remember you will die”) is a significant part of Puritan spirituality as well as the monastic life. The benefits of reminding yourself that you will die is written into numerous ascetic prayers and the “Dialog Between Christ, A Youth and the Devil” which concludes The New England Primer both… Read Review

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