Undefended: The Five Greatest Hitchcock Movies Hitchcock Never Made

Undefended is posted every Friday. All FilmFisher writers are given a prompt and respond with a list of five items, none of which are explained or rationalized. This week…

…the five greatest Hitchcock movies Hitchcock never made. A single caveat: no Clouzot movies allowed.



Justin Spencer:

1. Talented Mr. Ripley

2. The Usual Suspects

3. The Fugitive

4. Wait Until Dark

5. The Bourne Identity


Joshua Gibbs:

1. Birth

2. The Talented Mr. Ripley

3. Charade

4. Black Narcissus

5. Stoker


Remy Wilkins:

1. Taxi Driver

2. The Beat My Heart Skipped

3. Match Point

4. Prisoners

5. Panic Room


Jon Paul Pope:

1. The Game

2. Blow Out

3. The Talented Mr. Ripley

4. Minority Report

5. Se7en


James Banks:

1. Insomnia

2. The Conformist

3. The Manchurian Canidate (1962)

4. Red Eye

5. Charade


Sean Johnson:

1. Blade Runner

2. The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

3. Charade

4. Cape Fear (1962)

5. The Sixth Sense


Kanaan Trotter:

1. Memento

2. The Prestige

3. The Silence Of The Lambs

4. The Godfather

5. Wait Until Dark


Christian Leithart:

1. Wait Until Dark

2. Brick

3. The Sixth Sense

4. Jaws

5. The Spanish Prisoner

Joshua Gibbs

Joshua Gibbs teaches great books, collects records and jogs to work. He and his wife have two children, both of whom have seven names. He tweets at @joshgibbs and blogs for the CiRCE Institute.

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