Undefended: The Five Greatest Patriotic Films Of All Time

Undefended is posted every Friday. All FilmFisher writers are given a prompt and respond with a list of five items, none of which are explained or rationalized. This week… the five greatest patriotic films of all time, although they need not be American.

Direct Primary Care Goes to Washington

Sean Johnson:

1. Henry V (Olivier)

2. Rocky IV

3. Field of Dreams

4. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

5. Chariots of Fire


Timothy Lawrence

1. Casablanca

2. Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

3. Battleship Potemkin

4. Young Mr. Lincoln

5. The King’s Speech


Jon Paul Pope

1. Mr. Smith goes to Washington

2. The Triumph of the Will

3. Russian Ark

4. The Bridge on the River Kwai

5. Gangs of New York


Justin Spencer:

1. Battleship Potemkin

2. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

3. The Longest Day

4. Patton

5. Coriolanus (Ralph Fiennes directed)


Joshua Gibbs:

1. Tokyo Story

2. Die Hard

3. Ikiru

4. Pan’s Labyrinth

5. City of God

Joshua Gibbs

Joshua Gibbs teaches great books, collects records and jogs to work. He and his wife have two children, both of whom have seven names. He tweets at @joshgibbs and blogs for the CiRCE Institute.

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