Undefended: Five Greatest Movies About School

This week, our writers were asked to make a list of the five greatest movies about school, and here’s what they returned:   Thomas Banks 1.Finding Forester 2.Dead Poets’ Society 3.The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 4.The Browning Version 5.The Breakfast Club   Joshua Gibbs 1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Parts I and…Read On

Revolutionary Road

Undefended: Top Five Cinematic Investigations Of Marriage

What are the five greatest cinematic investigations of marriage? This week, our writers took to this prompt. We’re pleased to have historian and pastor Dr. George Grant as a guest contributor. Dr. George Grant is the Pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church, Founder of New College Franklin, President of the King’s Meadow Study Center and Founder of…Read On


Inside A Scene: The Prologue To Birth

Over the next several weeks, I will be analyzing a host of scenes from Jonathan Glazer’s criminally under-appreciated Birth. When the film was released a decade ago now, I was living on the south side of Chicago, saw the preview at home, and spent twelve dollars on public transit to make it to the north…Read On


Undefended: Five Greatest Tragicomic Roles Of All Time.

Today, FilmFisher writers contributed lists of the five greatest tragicomic roles of all time. We’re honored to have poet Aaron Belz contribute a list for Undefended. Belz’s work has been published in Cardus, Wired, Books & Culture, First Things, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Exquisite Corpse, Mudfish, Gulf Coast, RealPoetik, The Washington Post, elimae, Fence, Fine…Read On


Undefended: Top Five Films About Angels And Demons

This week, the top five films about angels and demons. Writers were told, “Don’t be too loose, but neither too stringent” in definitions, and here’s what they came back with: Rikki Elizabeth Stinnette 1. It’s a Wonderful Life 2. The Dark Knight Trilogy 3. A Christmas Carol (1999 Patrick Stewart version) 4. The Passion of…Read On


Undefended: The Top Five Movies And Scenes About Food

This week, the top five films or scenes about food. Caveats: food, not drink, and no documentaries this round. I’m pleased to say David and Daniel Foucachon, formerly of West of Paris and now of Romans Road Media, contributed a list of their favorites, as well. Bon appetit. David and Daniel Foucachon 1.  L’aile ou…Read On