Undefended: Five Movies, Five Cities

This week, a list of five movies wherein the setting is especially well presented, well used in the plot and theme.  Thomas Banks 1. Blade Runner (futuristic Los Angeles) 2. Heat (Contemporary Los Angeles) 3. The Quiet Man (Rural Ireland) 4. Fargo (” “) 5. The Town (Boston)     Timothy Lawrence 1. Collateral (Los…Read On


Undefended: The Five Greatest Movie Montages

This week, the five greatest movie montages of all time. Timothy Lawrence 1. The baptism montage in “The Godfather” 2. The opening scene of “Apocalypse Now” 3. The married life montage in “Up” 4. The ending of “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” 5. Gordon’s ending monologue in “The Dark Knight” Honorable mention: The ending of “American…Read On


Undefended: Five Greatest Shakespearean Non-Shakespeare Films

At the beginning of the week, editor Joshua Gibbs sent out this prompt to FilmFisher writers: This week, five films which embody the Shakespearean ethos and spirit, but weren’t inspired by or adapted from originally Shakespearean material. After clarification was requested, he posted this: I often hear this or that comedy or drama described as…Read On


Undefended: The Five Greatest Dream Sequences.

This week, writers made lists of the five greatest dream sequences in motion picture history. Here is what they returned: Joshua Gibbs 1. The judgment of Papillon in Papillon 2. Ariadne’s instruction in Inception 3. Briony’s novel in Atonement 4. Rob responds to Ray in a variety of ways in High Fidelity 5. The world’s most difficult…Read On