Undefended: Best Movies For Adolescent Boys

At the beginning of the week, FilmFisher writers were asked to come up with lists of great movies for adolescent boys to watch. The editor suggested: I’m thinking 12 to 14 here. Movies young boys ought to watch to get a grip on the world, to tame bland instincts for violence and leather catsuits. Movies…Read On

Undefended: Greatest Date Movies

This week, FilmFisher writers were asked to produce a list five fine date movies, and were asked to not repeat any entries their colleagues had already listed. Here is what they returned, in the same order in which the lists were returned on our message board: Elizabeth Stinnette 1. While you Were Sleeping (1995) 2…Read On


Undefended: Best Films For Children Age 5 to 8

This week, our writers made lists of the best films for children age 5 to 8. Here is what they turned up with: Elizabeth Stinnette 1. Beauty and the Beast 2. Toy Story II 3. Mary Poppins 4. The Sound of Music 5. Chicken Run   Remy Wilkins 1. Jungle Book (1967) 2. Wall-E 3…Read On


Undefended: Top Five Cinematic Sidekicks.

This week, FilmFisher writers were asked to make a list of the five greatest cinematic sidekicks of all time. Some of us got cute. Timothy Lawrence 1. Tuco (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) 2. Rey (The Rover) 3. Eduardo Saverin (The Social Network) 4. Bruno (Bicycle Thieves) 5. Clarence (It’s A Wonderful Life)…Read On