Undefended: Top Five Hot Weather Movies

For the last several years, I’ve figured that there is something Dionysian about Summer and something Apollonian about Winter. When November rolls around, the Best Picture candidates come out. Everyone gets thoughtful, but in the Summer, nothing doing. A few films do a pretty fine job capturing the madness of Summer… I think of “The…Read On


The Captivating Perversity Of Hitchcock’s Three Best Films.

M Night Shyamalan might be Hitchcock’s greatest living devotee, but no matter how good Shyamalan’s films were ten to fifteen years ago, even his best work missed lacked the essence and toxic potency of Hitchcock’s best work. Shyamalan is an innocent. He makes moral films, pure films. On the other hand, the battery which powers…Read On


Inside A Scene: The End Of Kubrick’s Paths Of Glory

In Paths of Glory, Col. Dax is the righteous, indignant military lawyer who defends three innocent French soldiers being tried on trumped up charges of cowardice. In truth, the three soldiers are merely scapegoats of the upper brass and are ultimately put to death to cover over the shame and selfishness of top generals. Dax…Read On

Undefended: I Take It Back

You feel intimidated. Ten minutes in, you think, “This can’t be going anywhere good. I should probably get while the getting is good.” But you have nothing else to do, nowhere to go, nothing else to watch. So you sit and you sit and you sit and you do not like it one little bit…Read On

How Safe Is It To Watch A Cautionary Tale?

If the characters are not wicked, the book is. Thus spake GK Chesterton in All Things Considered. Often enough, the quote is a little mangled. I grew up hearing it thus: A story without wicked characters is a wicked story. Granting for the moment that the quote is true, let us admit that the maxim…Read On

Undefended: Good Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now.

Tired of spending forever trying to find something worth watching on Netflix? This week, the five best films streaming on Netflix. Brian Murnion: The Apartment (1960) Sunset Boulevard (1950) In Bloom (2014) Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1963) Clueless (1995) Remy Wilkins: There Will Be Blood : People should be aware that the greatest movie of…Read On