Undefended: Vocal Performances

This week, top five vocal performances from a motion picture. Sean Johnson: Roger Miller’s “Not In Nottingham” in Disney’s Robin Hood: An education in mournful sadness not likely to be soon forgotten by most children who knew the movie—never to be forgotten by me. Miller’s no crooner, but a good folk song is a perfectly…Read On


Do We Need To Worry About Being Realistic?

We live in an age which demands certainty. Faith is not enough. We want to live by sight. Before the Enlightenment, man was content to live by speculation, opinion, and sacred text. Back in the Dark Ages, truth was buried between layers of parable and history and myth and it was hard to keep straight…Read On

Undefended: Scenes From Cyberspace

While the internet is a daily, even hourly, aspect of many Americans lives, I find myself bored when characters in films get online. I want them to acquire knowledge directly, or talk face to face with the texting partners or email partners. Further, a character surfing the internet is static, motionless, looking away from all…Read On

Undefended: Scenes From A Classroom

This week, FilmFisher is back in class. Presented below are FF writer’s favorite scenes from a classroom. Brian Murnion: Zero for Conduct dir. Jean Vigo (France – 1933): Boarding-school boys pull pranks in and out of the classroom. The 400 Blows dir. Francois Truffaut (France – 1959) “…Doinel, for tomorrow you will conjugate – take…Read On