Undefended: Scares

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, for this month's lists, FilmFisher's writers were asked to pick five of their favorite cinematic scares. Share your own selections in the comments below…Read On

Joe Pera Fall

The Humility of Joe Pera Talks With You

Some part of me wants to become smaller and smaller. Maybe it’s a desire for greater humility – to not think of myself so highly, to not get so angry the moment I encounter a viewpoint I don’t agree with – but that isn’t all it is. There is something protective about it too. After…Read On

Painting from Alan Lee to put after that discussion

Context Matters More Than You Think

A common refrain amongst those who write on fiction, in whatever medium, is that the art is a product of its time and place. What is curious about this idea is that what the speaker intends is a disclaimer toward the piece’s ethics or technical refinement, rather than a notation of something that makes a book or…Read On

1-clone wars logo

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Like many, I blithely dismissed Star Wars: The Clone Wars soon after it aired its first episode on Cartoon Network ten years ago. I was not without grounds: the film heralding the show’s release is a dismal affair, a few television episodes too obviously strung together into a feature-length movie, and the early seasons only…Read On