Undefended: Westerns

For this month's Undefended lists, FilmFisher's writers picked their favorite westerns of all time – though of course there was some creative interpretation of what exactly constitutes a western…Read On

dead ringers

On David Cronenberg: A Conversation

No filmmaker balances the visceral and the cerebral quite like David Cronenberg, the director of modern horror classics like The Brood, Videodrome, and The Fly, as well as acclaimed dramas like A History of Violence and A Dangerous Method. Cronenberg is best known as the maestro of gross-out body horror, but his films are driven by their ideas as much as their icky…Read On

unbreakable - joseph

Inside A Scene: Unbreakable

The father/son movie is practically a genre unto itself. For heaven’s sake, all of Star Wars could plausibly be described as a story about fathers and sons; even the spin-offs, every one, are rife with surrogate dads. Touching father/son scenes in films are a dime a dozen, and because I am a total sap, I…Read On