Film School

FilmFisher, as our name implies, does want to help others find good films to watch and enjoy.  Beyond that though, we also want to learn about film–to learn about the history of film, famous directors and actors and to learn about the craft of film-making.  As with any other discipline, the more we learn about film, the more we will enjoy it.  So come to film school with us and find greater delight in the marvelous world of film.

FilmFisher writers assume a Christian view of the world, but also limit the “Christian worldview” to a merely rational conception. With the Christian tradition, we also acknowledge that there are other ways of “knowing” or accessing truth besides didactic, rational presentations and arguments. Since film incorporates images, music and dialogue, we also want to engage the aesthetic and dramatic ways we encounter truth. In fact, beauty itself is always allied to truth since truth, beauty and goodness cohere in God himself and the world around us. Our reviews, therefore will include rational analysis, but will also engage the aesthetic and moral dimensions of film and humanity.