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We have collected and reviewed over 400 films, assessing them for their artistic quality, production value, and narrative excellence--and for the way these films harmonize with the true, good, and beautiful, or fail too.

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What We Do We Seek?

We seek to gather talented writers, many of them young and emerging, who love film and Christ or film and the true, good, and beautiful. These writers engage film, one another, and all who visit our site to discuss film. You can also find film professors and other film ``professionals`` active on our site.


Our editors seek to deploy our writers across a spectrum of film genres to bring thoughtful reviews to engage you and guide your movie viewing.


Our writers watch a lot of film, think about them a good deal, then bring you meaningful reviews and assessment.


Film professors are present on our site offering reviews, writing articles, and engaging in discussion across the site.

Film Programs

For those interested in studying film, we feature various film programs and university departments where one can pursue film study.

Behind the Scene.

Meet The Admin Team

Here are those that keep the website maintained and keep the reels rolling.

Chris founded FilmFisher and has enjoyed working with many talented writers who know far more about film and story than he does.

Christopher Perrin

Timothy studied film in college and has been thinking and writing about film for nearly 10 years. He leads our team of writers on FilmFisher and recruits new talent.

Timothy Lawrence
Senior Writer

Noelle studied communications in college, loves film, and promotes the work of FilmFisher to the entire cosmos.

Noelle Grace

Out of all the many charges leveled against the Star Wars sequel trilogy, perhaps the loudest, most persistent, and most widely accepted is the accusation...

I was so full of sleep just at that point / when I first left the way of truth behind. – Dante, Inferno “The Hardy...

…that through death He might… release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage. Hebrews 2:14-15 Star Wars is many...

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