Undefended: The Top Five Movies And Scenes About Food

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Undefended: The Top Five Movies And Scenes About Food

This week, the top five films or scenes about food. Caveats: food, not drink, and no documentaries this round. I’m pleased to say David and Daniel Foucachon, formerly of West of Paris and now of Romans Road Media, contributed a list of their favorites, as well. Bon appetit.

David and Daniel Foucachon

1.  L’aile ou la cuisse (The Wing or Thigh?)

2. Babette’s Feast


3. Mostly Martha

4. Une année en Provence (A Year in Provence)

5. La Gloire de mon père (My Father’s Glory)


Joseph Gross

1. Pulp Fiction, The hamburger breakfast

2. Ratatouille, Anton Ego eating ratatouille

3. Punch Drunk Love, Barry shops for pudding


4. The Matrix, Cypher and Smith dining on simulated steak

5. Noah, Methuselah’s search for berries


Timothy Lawrence

1. “Ratatouille” – Anton Ego’s childhood memory


2. “Babette’s Feast” – The feast itself

3. “In The Mood For Love” – Mr. Chow and Miss Chan deduce their spouses’ infidelity over dinner

4. “Pan’s Labyrinth” – The Pale Man’s lair

5. “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” – The tense dinner scene at the Ford homestead

6. “Jurassic Park” – The T-Rex attack, “What’s the matter, kid, you never had lamb chops?”


Joshua Gibbs

1. Quails in coffins in “Babette’s Feast.”


2. Garlic sliced with razor blades in “Goodfellas.”

3. Erotic prawns in “I Am Love.”

4. John Cusack is tempted by the best looking beef in the history of the world in “The Road to Wellville.”

5.  A five dollar milkshake (“with no bourbon in it or nothing”) in “Pulp Fiction.”


James Banks


1. The omelet breakfast in “Big Night”

2. Soup improvisation in “Ratatouille”

3. Prison cooking in “Goodfellas”

4. Thanksgiving dinner in “Pieces of April”

5. The “Soylent Green is people!!” scene in “Soylent Green” (because it makes one appreciate what a blessing good food actually is.)


Brian Murnion

1. “Diary of a Country Priest.” Scene when the priest eats a humble meal of dry bread soaked in wine.


2. “The Bakery Girl of Monceau.” When the young man buys pastries so he can be in the presence of the woman who works at the bakery.

3. “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.” Most of the film.

4. “Fanny and Alexander.”The Christmas meal starting the series; The celebratory meal ending the series.

5. “Purple Noon.” Scene when Tom, Philippe, and Marge eat lunch on the boat; Tom makes up a story about his childhood with Philippe; Philippe corrects Tom on how to properly hold a knife when eating fish.


Sean Johnson

1. Babette’s Feast: quails in coffins


2.The Grand Budapest Hotel: Gustave in prison, slicing his Mendl’s cake with “the throat-slitter”

3. Big Night: serving the timpani, so good their rival cries out, “I should kill you!”

4. Hook: Peter’s make-believe feast/food fight with the Lost Boys

5. The Return of the King: Denethor gorges greedily as he sends his son to a likely death.


Remy Wilkins

1. There Will Be Blood, Daniel Plainview eating ribs in the bowling basement

2. The Family Man, Kate Campbell smashing chocolate cake into the mouth of her husband

3. Chocolat, Comte Paul de Reynaud gorging himself with chocolate on Easter morning

4. Ratatouille, Anton Ego eating ratatouille

5. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Giant Oatmeal Cookie


Justin  Spencer

1. Dinner scenes in Tree of Life

2. Imaginary dinner in Hook

3. Michael Corleone kills Sollozzo and McCluskey at a restaurant in The Godfather

4. Abou Fatma brings food to an imprisoned Jack Durance in Four Feathers

5. Cool Hand Luke eats 50 eggs in less than an hour


Christian Leithart

1. The leftovers scene in Signs

2. Joe eats peanut butter in Meet Joe Black

3. The spaghetti dinner in Lady and the Tramp

4. Wallace tries moon-cheese in A Grand Day Out

5. Captain Nemo feeds his visitors in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)

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