About Us was founded in 2012 to provide thoughtful film reviews for students, educators, and film lovers. Most of our reviewers are Christian college students, educators, writers, and artists.

We review films for artistic excellence, cinematography, writing, acting, plot, and the ways films succeed or fail at cultivating humanity and shaping those living as Christians. In short, films are evaluated for their truth, goodness, and beauty, or lack thereof. We aim at creating a community of experienced authors and young authors who work together to improve their craft; in our pages, you’ll find old vets and new voices alike.

We also seek to provide practical guidance for watching and evaluating films for students and parents, and also hope to prompt students to study and contemplate film as an art form that when used well can form and shape people and culture for the common good.


Our editors seek to deploy our writers across a spectrum of film genres to bring thoughtful reviews to engage you and guide your movie viewing.


Our writers watch a lot of film, think about them a good deal, then bring you meaningful reviews and assessment.


Film professors are present on our site offering reviews, writing articles, and engaging in discussion across the site.

Film Programs

For those interested in studying film, we feature various film programs and university departments where one can pursue film study.

Our Team

There are several contributors who write reviews for They are our team.

Our Collaborators

We are glad to collaborate with and feature such organizations as:

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