Our Team of Reviewers

Here is our team of reviewers--all who love viewing, discussing, and writing about film.

Timothy Lawrence
Senior Writer

A graduate of the Torrey Honors Institute at BIOLA University, Timothy Lawrence teaches great books through Emmaus Classical Academy in Southern California. He writes essays and fiction and counts the Coen Brothers and George Lucas among his personal heroes.

Tavis Kyker

Travis Kyker is a student at Milligan University. When he's not reading or writing or watching something, you're most likely to find him doing active things, like hiking, snowboarding, or sleeping. He claims the ability to survive for weeks on end with only the sustenance of G. K. Chesterton quotes, but this remains unproven.

Robert Brown

Robert Brown is a Ph.D. student studying American literature at Baylor University. In his spare time, he writes about film, culture, and theology and makes music. An archive of Robert's projects can be found at

Evan Stewart

Evan Stewart is a recent graduate of Biola University. He loves few things more than Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, which he promises he will write about soon.

Jackson De Vight

Jackson De Vight has dedicated his life to the end of becoming a professional dabbler. He currently works as a researcher, debate coach, and instructor at Texas Tech University where he is pursuing his graduate studies and is an alumnus of Biola University and the Torrey Honors Institute. Much of his time not spent writing or reading is committed to improving his cooking, woodworking, outdoorsman, and artistic appreciation skills.

Jade Herbert

Jade Herbert knows too much about Harry Potter, David Bowie, and the current climate of today’s media distribution landscape. Her ‘real’ credentials include graduating from the Torrey Honors Institute and Biola University with a Bachelor’s in Cinema and Media Arts. She currently works at HBO.

James Valmassoi

James Valmassoi is a Biola University graduate, teaching 11-12th grade ELA in Noblesville, IN. In his free time you can find him reading all kinds of books, watching all kinds of films, and drinking all kinds of tea.

Mary Proffit Kimmel

Mary Proffit Kimmel attended Trinitas Christian School in Pensacola, Florida. Then she went to Hillsdale College. She now teaches Latin at a Catholic school in Texas. She enjoys writing poetry, dancing ballet, and playing the piano.

Robert Carlson

Robert Carlson is a graduate of Biola University and the Torrey Honors Institute. For his day job, he posts videos of toy contraptions and train stunts on his YouTube channel 5MadMovieMakers. Robert is an avid enthusiast of movies, roller coasters, video games, and books.

Robert Heckert

Robert Heckert teaches english in Henan, China. He recently graduated from Biola University and the Torrey Honors Institute with a degree in English. In his free time he enjoys writing reading anything by G.K. Chesterton or Karen Russell.

Tom Upjohn

Tom Upjohn graduated with a bachelor's degree in screenwriting from Biola University. He enjoys making YouTube shorts, baking cookies, and occasionally exploring underground tunnel networks

Remy Wilkins

Remy Wilkins lives in LA and teaches esoterica at Geneva Academy. He is married and has four boys at varying stages of dirty.

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